Why You Will Benefit More by Working with a Company Incorporation Agency in Hong Kong?

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Are you planning to open a company in Hong Kong? Hong Kong has been ranked number one in global economic competitiveness in 2017. This means that its government, infrastructure, and focus on supporting businesses are very effective. In Hong Kong, the Companies Ordinance requires investors to incorporate limited liability companies before commencing operations.

You can opt to do this on your own by preparing all the required documents such as proof of residence, photocopies of shareholder’s passports, and initial minutes authorizing the formation of the company.

Besides, you will also need to carry name search and fly to Hong Kong to present these documents to the company registry. 

This process is usually considered herculean especially for those who are busy in other businesses or looking for capital. An alternative and highly effective method is using an agency.

Benefits of using an agency to incorporate a business in Hong Kong

Agencies are registered entities that specialize in assisting investors to register their companies smoothly.

Because they specialize in registering companies, they wield greater experience and will help to make your work easy and faster. Here are the main benefits you will draw from working with an agency.

  • The agencies will help to craft your documents professionally for faster incorporation of the business.
  • The agency is very helpful in picking the right company secretary. It can also act as your company secretary for smooth entry into Hong Kong.
  • You will be assisted with opening the Bank account for the business in Hong Kong.
  • Agencies also help with tax matters especially filing returns and advising clients on how to take advantage of tax residence.
  • The agency is your partner in the early years of establishment in Hong Kong.
  • Working with an agency that is located in Hong Kong and understands its systems well can help a business start with good momentum. Remember always to pick the best agency for better results when incorporating a company in Hong Kong.