Talking Finance with Friends : Welcome to the blockchain!

Do you also feel that talking about finance is taboo? Do you also shy away from sharing your finances with your friends and family? If yes, why is that so?

Most of us aren’t open about this matter, or we think that our family or friends don’t have adequate knowledge about finances. However, you will be surprised to know that many people you don’t regard as financially knowledgeable can actually give life-changing advice about finances. 

In this era of digitalization, cryptocurrency, digital wallets, online trading, etc., have gained much more popularity and a vast majority of people are familiar with the world of finance. Hence, you should definitely discuss creating and investing money effectively with your friends and family. Moreover, talking about finances widens your scope of analyzing and thinking. 

Therefore, let us have an insight into the three central pillars in the world of finance; earning, saving, and investing.  

Pillar 1: Earn!

To ace your career, you need to consider ‘earning’ as an essential step thoroughly. Earning can be any form of making money. It can range from small businesses to salaries or hourly wages. To bring a paradigm shift in your financial status, you need to make money. 

To earn more money, you need to reflect and improve as a person. You should learn new skills, look for opportunities, gain more knowledge, polish your strengths, get different certifications and become focused on fulfilling your mission of securing multiple income streams. 

Now that we have established the first pillar, the second step is to save.

Pillar 2: Save! 

Once you are in a stable position of earning, the following very essential practice is to save. Saving money is the only technique that will help you gather funds efficiently to fulfill your financial goals. A great way to initiate this is by talking to your friends and family about the various methods of saving money for future investments. 

Now the question that arises is how do you effectively save money? Of course, saving in a traditional banking system that pays nominal interest rates could be an option. But, on the other hand, a more brilliant option is to benefit from the revolutionary banking system at hi.

Hi leverages blockchain technology and aids you in earning an amazing interest rate of around 20% p.a on your savings. Doesn’t this sound awesome?

20% interest annually on your savings is so much more fruitful than 0.06% that most traditional banks offer. Your money can either be in the form of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Ethereum) or fiat (USD, Yen and GBP). 

You can use social messengers like WhatsApp and telegram through the Hi platform to make dealings in cryptocurrencies and perform immediate transfers worldwide.

Along with the phenomenal interests, the amazing news is that the membership is free, and you get to enjoy additional rewards daily with the expansion and growth of the platform. 

Finally, when you are done earning and saving smartly, the last step is to invest.

Pillar 3: Invest!

No risk. No reward. 

This phrase sums up all the dreams you have trying to turn into reality. Be it an exotic vacation or buy the house of your dreams, you need to invest your savings into material wealth. 

However, this doesn’t indicate that you should opt for high-risk investments.

Instead, it would be best if you found investments with minimum risks and high returns. In the digital era of cryptocurrencies, it is clever to know that blockchain will bear enormous returns. For example, did you know the crypto market cap hit $1.43 Trillion on 31 July 2021? 

Now, there are many crypto companies, but hi Dollar stands out with huge payoffs. Additionally, if you register as an early user, you can receive tremendous rewards daily of free Hi Dollars, which can be used to trade in crypto and fiat currency. Hi helps you plan and invest your finances right.

Finally, Discuss and Make the Right Decision

All in all, you should never feel uncomfortable talking about finances anymore with your family. With the help of these three steps; earn, save and invest, you can achieve financial stability together.

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