Special Tips on How to Improve Your Tennis Level

Ever felt like your tennis game has hit a snag? You play competitions and win the easy ones, but the tough ones are a mountain climb. The same guy you lost to 6-3 6-5 several years back keeps beating you.

“What should I do to improve my tennis level?” Well, you do not have to keep worrying anymore; simply follow these golden tips for improving your tennis that have been tested and proven to work over the years. 

Develop a Working Plan for Practice on the Court 

One of the main reasons why your tennis is likely to have hit a snag is lack of a good plan when practicing on the tennis court. Take a moment and think about it: if your volleys are weak, but you practice normal through hitting a million strokes, will your volleys improve? Of course, no.

To improve your tennis, as mentioned on https://tennisbot.asia/, it is important to identify what your weaknesses are, draw a plan to fix them, and implement the plan well. Here is a sample plan: 

  1. Today, I will work on hitting volleys past the service line.
  2. In the subsequent two service games, I will focus on hitting topspin serves to enhance first-serve percentage. 
  3. I will spend five more minutes in every practice session to work on hitting crosscourt backhands. 

Put more Focus on Footwork  

When you miss a tennis shot, the first line of thought is that the stroke technique is poor. But it is not always the case. The leading cause of missed shots is being out of position. When you are off-balance, it becomes difficult to get the perfect shot in the strike zone.

To improve your footwork, you need to do footwork drills, either in the morning or after sessions of tennis.

Then, focus on getting to the ball as promptly and efficiently as possible in every game. You can do this by training using a tennis ball machine, such as the Lobster tennis machine. 

When I was a novice tennis player, my coach used to make me catch the tennis ball by hand, as opposed to using the racket.

Why is this important? The drill helps the player to get as close as possible to the perfect hitting position. Keep this in mind, and your tennis will help you always to be ready for a quality shot. 

Always Train with Better Players 

To become a better tennis player, you must work with tougher players. If you play against a very tough player, make sure to ask him/her for another game.

Playing with such tough players allows you to understand their tennis playing strategies and inadvertently improve yours. Here are some things that you can learn from playing pro players: 

  • Intensity 
  • Focus
  • Footwork
  • Decision-making

Identify and Exploit Your Opponent’s Weaknesses 

Playing a tennis game is like other competitions. You need to evaluate your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses carefully and then craft a plan to defeat them by exploiting their weaknesses (and improving your health).

For example, does the opponent have a weak backhand? Does she have a weakness with topspin? 

To improve your tennis, it is important to start with self-evaluation. Then, focus on perfecting tennis skills. Further, you have to train with the pros and promptly assess your opponent to reinvigorate your tennis strategy by exploiting his/her strengths and weaknesses.