Setting up a Company In Hong Kong : myths and tips

doing business in Hong Kong

A record-holder for the world’s freest economy, Hong Kong invites hundreds of entrepreneurs each day as it presents lucrative business opportunities. 

Minimal restrictions and bureaucracy compiled with ease in setting up a company, open-oriented market, a business-friendly tax system, and governance by a reputable, regulated international jurisdiction have turned Hong Kong into a financial hub for international corporations.

The first step to achieving success in Hong Kong is setting up your company with a strong foundation. From determining your company name to issuing permits, and filing taxes- a ton of work and effort goes into setting up a corporation.

Thankfully, Fiducia is an independent, family-managed firm that offers corporate services to help you set up a company in Hong Kong.  

Our company of experts is dedicated to guiding and supporting our clients every step of the way as they begin their new venture in Hong Kong. With our 39 years of experience, we at Fiducia are experts when it comes to China. 

We help our clients with our extensive knowledge and know-how, company insights, industry expertise, and local network. We offer end-to-end support, business advice, and operational guidance to set up your firm. With our professionalism and experience, we save our clients’ time and money. 

Setting up a company in Hong Kong

  1. Selecting a name for your Hong Kong Limited company and registration

The first step to establishing your new firm in Hong Kong is selecting the name of your company. The company name sets the tone of your brand and directly impacts your firm’s image. A name shared by another business entity cannot be used. 

Fiducia helps in checking the availability of the company name using the Companies Registry. Once the name is chosen, we then submit the required registration forms and fees to the government authorities.

Fiducia will also provide a company kit containing copies of articles of association, registers, share certificates, company chop, and a common seal.

  1. Arranging a company secretary and registered office

To start a company in Hong Kong, you are required by law to hire a company secretary and set up a registered office. The company secretary must either be a Hong Kong local individual or corporate personnel. 

Fiducia will act as your company secretary, handling ongoing statutory compliances such as conducting Annual General Meetings and keeping track of annual filing requirements like Annual Returns and Business Registration.

Our team will also be responsible for maintaining up-to-date registers and safekeeping of statutory books and records. 

  1. Opening a corporate bank account

For financial purposes, it is essential that you have a corporate bank account. Setting up a bank account can be an ordeal.

Our team will support you by liaising and arranging appointments with banks, verifying and gathering the required documentation, and arranging certification to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. 

With our flexibility, reliability, integrity, and the ability to find realistic and comprehensive solutions we hope to help you to set up a company in Hong Kong.