Mistakes to Avoid when Creating Corporate Videos

Every minute, approximately 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. If you combine with videos added via other channels such as Facebook and Instagram, it becomes a sea of data.

Therefore, when creating corporate videos, it is important to be focused on standing out in the already flooded area.

But despite investing a lot of money, time, and energy, many companies only manage suboptimal results because of mistakes that could be avoided. In this post, we are going to list these mistakes and tell you how to avoid them.

Failing to Provide Value 

This is the biggest mistake that most corporates make when shooting corporate films. When you present video content, the time people take to watch should deliver value.

If your video does not deliver value, the target audience will not view it or follow the recommendations. 

To deliver value, it is prudent to look at corporate videos from the target audience’s point of view. Then, provide content that is interesting and engaging.

Remember that you should not try to capture everything in one video. It is better to use several videos focusing on specific areas of your company. 

Using Complex Words in Your Video 

Videos are used as communication tools. Therefore, using complex words can make communication difficult. Unlike reading a novel where people often use dictionaries to get the meaning of words, it is different in videos. Most people will simply walk away and look for others with simpler messages.

To make communication easy and more effective, you should focus on a language that the target audience understand. A technical language should only be used when you are dealing with experts.

For example, you can use medical terms when creating corporate videos for a bio-research or pharmaceutical firms.

Poor Connection with the Target Audience

Have you ever played a video clip and found yourself replaying it every day because it touches you? That is called engagement. If your corporate videos are not engaging, the primary mission is likely to fail. 

The focus of your video should be to strike emotional impact that makes people get a unique attachment.

The secret is ensuring the video has a touching story that the target audience can easily associate with. This is what will trigger engagement and jolt the viewer to act.

Thinking you can Craft a Great Video Alone

Video creation is an art that requires time to perfect. While it is true that you can make some good videos, it is important to ask: “Are the videos good enough?

Because you are committing the resources of your company, it is important to go for gold. The best way to make your corporate video sparkle is teaming with experts.

Think of experts who have been in the industry for some time and demonstrated the commitment to their work.

For example, you should consider working with a firm in corporate video production in Singapore that has previously worked on successful videos. Such a team will easily tell you the best strategies to adopt for better results. 

For your corporate videos to deliver the anticipated results, it is important to look ahead and deliver what the target audience wants. Make sure to avoid the above mistakes and always have professionals in corporate video production to make the videos stand out.