At What Age Should Your Kid Start Learning To Ski?

Summer is ebbing out fast, and winter will be here soon. Winter is the best time to ski in the snow covered Alps. But wait a moment! “Dad, can I come with you and enjoy skiing”?  Your kid will persistently ask. Do you say yes or no? This brings the question; at what age should kids start learning to ski? 

The time to start learning skiing is now

Top skiing coaches recommend that if you want to enroll a kid for learning sessions, 4-5 years is the best age. At this point, kids can take and process instructions to develop balancing and skiing skills. Note that even at this age, you need the assistance of trainers and services from top facilities like By the age of five, the kids are exploratory and could end up skiing better than you.

Some parent talk of their kids who started skiing as early as 2 years. While this can be tricky, it all depends on how you do it. At this age, the learning should be confined to demonstrations for creating anticipation in a kid. When this is followed by short trials in the trails, it will be amazing to learn how fast kids can grab things.

As a parent or guardian, simply know that it is not too early to start training the kid to ski. Even if he/she might not get the balance, give them some encouragements. Remember to also focus on talking about the positive aspects of the game to avoid scaring the kid. Just like kids are better and faster in class work, so are they in acquiring ski skills.