3 Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Your Staff on a Business Mission in Africa

For the last two decades, Africa and the Middle East have emerged as important investment destinations that no company wants to miss. Tech companies are sending clients to assess the market, seek partnerships, and make deals with other existing firms.

Whether you are looking for a new market, seeking to expand the real estate company or other niches, you have to exercise the duty of care every moment when sending staff to represent you. In this post, we outline four mistakes to avoid when sending staff to Africa.

Failing to assess the target market appropriately

Though your target market presents a huge potential, it is important to assess all aspects that define its security.

For example, while the deal you have won to make supplies to oil companies in Abuja is what the company needs to triple the revenue, the area of interest might be very volatile. By failing to comprehensively analyze the market, there is a risk of misrepresentation and putting staff in great danger.

Not drawing a good travel risk management plan

The success of your staff abroad depends on drawing the right risk plan and its implementation. The plan outlines the main objectives, key threats, communication, evacuation plans, and other important aspects.

If you lack a clear travel risk management plan, and a security situation escalates, your staff and the mission will be in great jeopardy. In fact, this could cause a lot of losses because you have to compensate the staff for injuries and risk losing the business deal you were after. Enlisting the services of a professional risk management firm is very important.

Hiring a travel management firm hastily

For many companies seeking to make their first entry into Africa, the need for a travel risk management firm is very clear.

Many travel risk management firms help clients install the best plans for secure operation of staff in Africa.

Because of the rising demand, new firms have emerged and advertise their services to be the best. If you hire the travel risk management firm in a hurry, there is a risk of falling prey into the hands of a novice that cannot guarantee results. It is important to take your time looking for the right firm to get assurance for quality service.